Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flat Stanley Collection

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Flat Stanley

By Jeff Brown

Who doesn't love Flat Stanley? I found the complete audio collection at a book sale last year so I decided I would listen to them finally. Jeff Brown's humor is so funny. The stories are about Stanley, whose bulletin board falls on him at night and flattens him. He helps people while he's flat, but in the end he'd rather be round and, luckily, he does get to be round again. The other books are: Invisible Stanley, Stanley In Space, and Stanley, Flat Again! They are all super cute. I particularly like the one where he goes into space with his family. They are all super easy and super cute reads. I just looked on Barnes and Noble and they also have a Worldwide Adventure series featuring Stanley. The fun continues!

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Nikki said...

Flat Stanley is awesome! The second grade teachers at the school I worked at do a project with Flat Stanley. All of the kids make their own Flat Stanley to look like themselves. Then they send Flat Stanley to a family member who lives out of state or in another part of the state. The project is to have Flat Stanley go with you EVERYWHERE and take pictures. One of the students had their uncle in Iraq take Flat Stanely with him and the pictures were amazing - in front of a tank, with other military personnel, etc. Then whomever has Flat Stanley writes a letter back to the student telling them about the adventures. The letters get sent back to the school or students' homes and are shared in front of class. It is such a neat project!