Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ralph Fletcher

Ralph Fletcher and I, August 24th, 2009

Our school district has been working with Ralph Fletcher lately because our primary focus this year is on writing. They have written and adopted a whole new writing curriculum incorporating Mr. Ralph Fletcher's ideas. When I first heard about his books for writers and for writer's notebooks I thought they were worthy of reading and I made sure to check them out. I have one filled with sticky notes upstairs by my bed right now and I read another one earlier in the year.

At our back-to-school institute day we actually got to hear Ralph Fletcher speak. I was so happy to hear him speak in person. His books are so relate-able but even moreso now that i have heard him in person. I'm not sure if other people realized how cool this guy was because I was the only one who approached him and asked to take my picture with him. I blame Chad, he's gotten me into this whole autograph/picture thing. I do have to say that I saw Jim Trelease when I was pregnant with Jordan and I regret not taking my picture with him. He was very moving as a speaker and I still remember many of the points he made during his presentation that stick with me. He is another author who I can so easily relate to and who I can clearly hear his voice when I read his work in print. (Too bad he's retired and isn't touring any more. *tear*)

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