Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Most Recently Read Book:


By Kristin Cashore

Ugh, I have to admit that I am so behind on my posting as far as books go. I finished this one before Christmas. It was a great book. This book is the sequel/prequel to Graceling. I loooooooved Graceling. It is a very cool fantasy book about a land where some people are born with two different colored eyes. These people have special skills that are called graces. It's a very cool love story/adventure/fantasy. This book actually takes place before Graceling even though it was written after it. There is only one character in common between the two books. Fire is about a different land where there are monster creatures that are regular animals except they are extraordinary colors and are considered monsters. One happens to be a girl who has magnificent red/orange/pink hair. It's another story of love/adventure/fantasy and it is another great book by Kristin Cashore.

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