Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Snowy Pictures

I was thinking about how we haven't really had much snow this week. I don't think we've had any snow since last week. Well, in honor of our absent snow and my absent babe (Jordan is at Gramma and Papa's) here is a snowy post!

Chad and Jordan were out sledding in our backard!!!
Ready to go!
Chad pulling Jordan back up the hill!
I love Jordy's sweet face. The snow was falling like crazy that day, it looks so cool to me.
Chad started pushing Jordan down the hill you think he liked it!?


Laraf123 said...

The snow coming down in the foreground really makes these photos! But of course, Jordan is adorable in any weather!

Stephanie said...

Fun! The lighting in these pictures is really neat! Did you edit them or did they come out that way?