Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yo-Yo a Go Go!

My friend Lindy, at Collage Cafe, e-mailed me about Swap-Bot and even found a fun yo-yo swap for me! I finally got a chance to put together what I'm going to send to my two partners.

Swap-Bot has tons of different crafty swaps to participate in. For my swap, I was partnered up with two other people. I had to make 4 yo-yos for each of them, plus send along a coordinating skein of embroidery floss and 4 accent buttons. Both of my partners are readers so I whipped up some simple bookmarks out of the same fabric. I think everything turned out really cute and I can't wait to send them off...hopefully I'll make it to the post office tomorrow!

The fabric I chose is Debbie Mumm, she has tons of prints at JoAnn's and they are all adorable if you ask me!

Yo Yos!
Fabric Bookmarks (with simple embroidery)!
Floss and Buttons!
I can't wait to get my packages in return...the deadline to send out our packages is at the end of this week so they should be coming within the next week or two!


Kathy Lou said...

That's a cool web site! I spent some time looking at all the swaps. I was hoping I could find one that would swap dirty dishes for clean dishes.

Stephanie said...

What IS a yo yo and what do you do with it? Sounds like fun! I don't know how you have time to do all that you do!

Lindy said...

OH MY GOD!!! too cute for words!!! Well done, you... ! I have to say, it's true, I'm addicted... mostly ATCs at the mo'

And to answer your query about Marinette WI... yes, I do come home on weekends... right now, though, it feels as all I'm doing is then getting ready to come back up again... lol... I'm sure I'll find my groove soon. AND we're supposed to be on a 'work on site 3 weeks, work from home 1 week' rotation... hopefully that will be the case. ; ) either way, I'll be at the next craft social... !!!

Laraf123 said...

What a cute idea!