Sunday, January 17, 2010


Thanks to Jordan's friend Maddy who is way into dinosaurs lately, Jordan has been a roaring machine. Chad and Jordan have been play wrestling and roaring all week. It cracks me up because he has to call me to save him and I have to roar at Chad to make him back away but then Jordan heads for him again.

The other day I was up in bed working on the computer when Jordan came running in and found this hiding spot: (Can you see him?)
Here's a close up! It cracks me up that he can fit into these spaces!
As soon as Chad crawled over though he hopped out and started roaring at him!
This is his mean dinosaur face. Who wouldn't be afraid of this face?


Stephanie said...

Too cute! Growing up one of the favorite games of my sister and I was "Tore". It meant my dad would run around the house chasing us. I have no idea why we called it that though. It was what we called him when he was chasing us!

Mom said...

I agree with Stephanie, too cute! Chad too :) He is such a great and fun dad. I love these pictures.

Emily Jane said...


My little cat crawls in spaces like that too lol!

Laraf123 said...

Love the dinosaur face! Henry likes to hide in the master bedroom closet. Then he calls me because (he thinks) he can't get out!

Kathy Lou said...

Maddy says, "Roar!"

Laura said...

Oh that boy is so cute. I love his little hiding spot. You have to take video of Jordan roaring and post it on your blog!