Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shattered Silence

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Shattered Silence

By Melissa G. Moore and M. Bridget Cook

I am so proud of myself for finishing this book! I think I started it on Friday and I was so not in the mood for it...but I stuck with it and finished last night. It wasn't the book's fault, I wasn't fully prepared for too many gory details but it didn't turn out to be that grotesque in that kind of way. This book is, however, completely sad due to all the craziness this poor woman has had to endure throughout her life. If you aren't familiar with this book, it's about a girl whose father was a serial killer. He murdered many women.

Besides having such a troubled life with her father, she also had it hard with her mom, step-parents, friends, was brutal. It's amazing that she found the will to survive. I have to say this was an interesting book but I haven't put this on my must-read book list. It is a fairly easy read and a positive one in the end so you'll have to decide for yourself!

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Blending Families said...

I will try to grab this book. Thanks for giving a "recommendation". This will surely be great to other moms in blending families.