Saturday, January 23, 2010


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By Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson's book The First Part Last is one of my favorite books, especially as a mother. I read it when I had just had Jordan and it is such a beautifully written book. One of my students had to read Heaven in class so I picked it up. It is actually part of a trilogy of books, and another book in the trilogy was The First Part Last. I had never realized it was part of a trilogy of books so I was excited to read this one.

Unfortunately, this book wasn't as extraordinary as The First Part Last but I did like elements of this book. The two books seem to stand alone with two overlapping characters. This book focuses on Marley, who finds out her parents aren't really her parents. I guess knowing that going into the book made it less exciting to read. The book is a little confusing because it jumps back and forth from Marley to letters from her Uncle Jack. I like the parts that focus on Marley and how she deals with finding out that her parents aren't her real parents, and I like the resolution of the book but overall it wasn't an earth-shattering book for me. (But, if you haven't, go read The First Part Last!)

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Stephanie said...

I love my 2 minute commute to work. But when I see all of your book posts it sometimes makes me want a longer commute so I could listen to books on tape! But really....I don't WANT a longer commute. I just wish I had more time for reading. I mostly do it when I am blow drying my hair and brushing my teeth!