Monday, February 23, 2009

Anderson's Children's Literature Breakfast

On Saturday morning I toughed out my day of the stomach flu in order to go to the Anderson Bookshop's Children's Literature Breakfast with my friend, Kathy.  Thankfully, she drove so I could relax on the trip down there.  We got there perfectly on time, didn't have to wait in line for one second, and got the best seat in the whole place!  We met Meg Cabot (love her!), Sharon Draper, Steven Kellogg, and Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul, and Mary.  It was great.  They were able to sit at our table with us and chat.  I was a little too excited to see Meg Cabot...but she is one of my favorite authors.  Kathy brought me a fun tiara and we both wore tiaras when we met her.  Meg Cabot didn't even think we were weird at all!  I wish I had been feeling better and could have chowed down on all the yummy food...there's always next year!

Kathy, Meg Cabot, and me

I have read all the books in the Princess Diaries series which I love.  I have also read a lot of her other young adult books.  I have never read any of her adult books so I added them to my list!  I also added her new series, Allie Finkle, which is for the girls who are too young for the Princess Diaries series.  I just can't get enough of Meg Cabot.  She even got me signed up for Twitter...

Sharon Draper
Steven Kellogg

Me and Peter Yarrow

As a kid, I listened to Peter, Paul, and Mary on channel 11.  I was talking to a co-worker today who had never heard of Peter, Paul, and Mary..although she did know Puff the Magic Dragon and some of their other songs at least!  Anyway, I was so excited to meet Peter Yarrow.  He was a little "friendly" with me...but it didn't matter because it was Peter Yarrow.  When it was his turn to speak he sang!  It was great.  I could barely sing along because I was so emotional about the whole thing...oh, and because I felt like I was gonna hurl.  It made me want to go buy his CD so I can play the music for Jordan.  His music just has the greatest message.  I tried to take some video:

This Little Light of Mine

This Land Is Your Land

Don't Laugh At Me

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mom jones said...

How great was this! You didn't say anything about meeting Peter. If they come to Ravinia this year we shoud go see them with Jordie, I love their music, I think of Mr Cook and Sheridan School.