Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Red Tent

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The Red Tent

By Anita Diamant

I finished this book just in time for book club.  My goal is to start reading the book club book a little bit sooner...the last couple of times I've waited and have cut it close to be able to finish in time...but I can say that I have read every book so far all the way through!  

I enjoyed The Red Tent.  I especially liked it after we got all the background information out of the way and actually got to more of the meaty part of the story.  Don't get me wrong, this book would be nothing without all the background info.  After I finished the book I went and read the Book of Genesis from the Bible from which the author got the idea for the book and it definitely gave me some perspective.  The Bible really does just state what happened so matter-of-factly and it does basically sum up Dinah's story in a few sentences.  It made me look at the Bible in a different way, this whole book came out of just one little section of the Bible, how much was going on behind the scenes or that is not really explained in the Bible.  I think it made the story in the Bible more personal for me.  I don't mean this to be all about religion, but it is religious fiction and I just realized how if I were to go read the Bible right now, that I would read it with a little bit different perspective.  I love books that make you think and evaluate your own life.  Hmm.... 

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