Monday, February 2, 2009

Mallrats Strike Again!

This was one of the most fun mall nights...except that we were missing Maddy's daddy, Marc...we had a huge turnout.  Besides the Garneau's and the Benassi's, it was our family plus my parents, Silvia's parents, and Mamita.  We had fun playing in the play area and then made our way up to the food court for dinner as usual.  Of course, we did some dancing, and then were off to Barnes and Noble for books and the train table.  Fun! (AH!  Sorry about the blue underlining!)

Jordan and Maddy riding in the blue car!
Jordan and Alex cruising in the red car!
Here we are!  It was so much fun to have everyone with us for dinner!
Not to be forgotten!  Maddy helped me take this beautiful picture of can see her finger in the bottom left corner!  
Jen and Maddy, a self portrait.
Dancing, yeah!


Laura said...

What a party! That picture of Kathy turned out great! You guys are always doing fun things. So jealous.

Robert Benassi said...

Great group photo. We had fun with everyone there. Great memories.