Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weird Wondering...

I have had a completely stressful week at work, mostly due to major changes that are going to be happening in our department next year.  We found out that our district cut four positions in our little 8.6 people department!  I feel horrible for the people who were cut and overwhelmed when it comes to thinking about what next year will be like.  

Anyway, I brought chocolate to lunch yesterday when we met knowing it was a chocolate-deserving kind of day.  And then I got to wondering about the Hershey's Miniature bars.  How come you can't get a Mr. Goodbar in a big size candy bar???  Or a big size Krackel bar?  What's up with that?  What if someone really likes the Mr. Goodbar candy bar enough to want to commit to a full size bar?  

I'm not sure which is my favorite...quite frankly I like them all.  A co-worker asked me last week what my favorite candy bar is.  Is it bad if I really don't have a favorite?  I'm enough of a chocolaholic that I will except any form of chocolaty goodness?  

Which is your favorite miniature...or favorite candy bar?


Stephanie said...

I was wondering what all of this does to you. I think we ALL need to meet for chocolate...or something stronger. =)

Anonymous said...

I love Mr. Goodbar minis, and Twix is my favorite full size.

Laura said...

I love a good Butterfinger, or Milky Way, or Twix, or a good old Hershey's bar. Man, I guess I'll take whatever chocolate I can get.

Kathy Lou said...

Bah! I totally missed this post, even Marc commented!
Ok, first, sorry for the stressful week. I think chocolate helps too.
I don't have a favorite candy bar. I like different things at different times, like watchamacallits, or twix, pretty much anything that isn't too chewey.