Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lanzara Boys!

On Saturday, we made the trip down to see our friends Jake and Braden Lanzara and to celebrate their birthdays with them.  Jake turned 4 and Braden turned 2.  We played with their fun toys, played with Play-Doh, ate heart-shaped pizza, baked and decorated sugar cookies, and took pictures in matching outfits from Emily.  It was a fun-filled day!

Jake showing off his cool scootering gear.
Braden and Jordy being goofy!
Opening presents...Play-Doh!  Jordan loves Play-Doh and loves to play all the time.  
The boys sat at a little picnic table and made fun Play-Doh creatures!
Yum!  Heart-shaped pizza!
April had a new sugar cookie recipe that we tried and she made her awesome frosting.  
Emily bought the boys matching shirts and we tried to take a picture of the three of them.  They had more fun being goofy on the couch.  

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