Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Audacity of Hope

I am so inspired by President Barack Obama.  I am just completely enamored by his presidency.  I think he is just a great person and I am so happy knowing he is in office and looking out for our country.  My students read a short story about his life last week and then I decided I really wanted to read Audacity of Hope.  Listening to it on my iPod allowed me to hear Obama read his own words.  I liked that there were some candid parts that made me laugh out loud and other parts that were truly inspiring.  I have to admit that there some parts that were just over my head, seeing as I really only have a basic understanding of our history in the last 50 years.  When he mentioned specific names there were many I kind of recognized but wasn't familiar with.  I think every American should listen to this book because it is inspiring.  I love this guy!

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