Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chocolate Tour!!!!

Really, I have more than the chocolate tour to report, but all the pictures are from the chocolate tour.  On Friday, Chad dropped off Jordan and me at our friends, the Garneau's.  Our friends Marc and Kathy had a great idea for Marc to take care of Jordan for the day so Kathy and I could go have a girls' day out!  It was fun!  Chad went to work, Jordan stayed with Marc, and Kathy and I went downtown.  

Jordan got to go to Dunkin Donuts with Marc and Maddy, they got to play at the tree at Northbrook Court, they took pizza lunch to Daddy at school, and then went back to Maddy's house to play and take a nap.  It was fun!  I do have one picture of Jordan playing at the tree:
Kathy and I made it downtown with minor traffic issues.  We went through Washington Library just to look around, then stopped at Dick Blick, Urban Outfitters, and Old Navy on our way to Macy's.  We wandered around Macy's, looked at the Tiffany ceiling up close, and then ate a mid-morning lunch.  

Finally, it was time for our Chicago Chocolate Tour to begin!  We met at the fountain in Macy's and our first stop was Sarah's Pastries, right inside of Macy's.  

It was a cute little space and everything look delicious!
Next, we went downstairs to learn more about Frango and sample the newest flavor: Dark Chocolate Pomegranate was awesome!  I had to buy a box!  We also went to their chocolate/candy section and tried some of the Queen's chocolate.

Then, we went upstairs to see the old Frango-making machine...which they, unfortunately, don't really use any more.  All Frango production actually moved to Pennsylvania when Macy's bought out Marshall Field's.  (tear)

This cool piece of Chicago art is actually made entirely of chocolate by chocolatier Joseph Schmidt:

After that, we left Macy's to hit a few other stops to try more chocolate!  The next stop was probably my favorite and I am already concocting a plan to either make this treat myself or to figure out where another Lavazza is.  At Lavazza, an Italian coffee shop, we had these yummy gelato creations.  The woman brought out a tray of mini-coffee cups with gelato...and then she poured the thickest liquid chocolate I have seen right over them.  It was awesome!  I definitely recommend it!

Next, we went to Hannah's Bretzels...but we didn't have Bretzels (the German word for pretzel), instead we marveled at their chocolate wall and got to try lots of samples.  This place definitely had some funky chocolate.  They did also have Kinder eggs, which I remember from when I went to Italy in high school and had to get some!  They have over 200 different kinds of chocolate bars.

Our last stop was Argo Tea where we had Chocolate Tea Lattes which were pretty good...their brownie I didn't care for, but the tea was yummy.  

And that was our Chicago Chocolate Tour.  They have other tours on the Mag Mile and I think I would definitely do that one!  Afterwards we went back to the Garneau's house to find Jordan sleeping and Marc, Chad, and Maddy hanging out.  When Jordan woke up we all went to eat dinner at Michael's and then went home.  We had such a fun day!


Aunt Jacquie said...

Aww that does sounds really fun! :D I love the picture of Jordan sooo cute!

Kathy Lou said...

You did a much more thorough job of describing our day! I want to do the Michigan Ave tour as well. :-)
I have to go see if our pictures are up on their site!