Friday, May 1, 2009


We have been taking lots of walks lately around our neighborhood!  Tonight Jordan and I played a little in our backyard and then walked down the street a little bit.  

Here are our lovely tulips in our back yard.  Tulips are my favorite favorite favorite flower!  I love that we have them at our house and they just come up without us having do to anything!!!
Jordan found a long stick that he wanted to give me.  I have a feeling this year I'm really going to see what it's like to have a boy versus a girl because he is already interested in everything he sees.  He likes sticks and rocks...and especially worms!  Yuck!  I try to refrain myself from yelling at him not to touch them, I think it's a good thing that he isn't afraid to pick them up, but it just goes against my nature to do it myself!
He had to go back in the house and all the way upstairs to get his ladybug to take on our walk with us.  He was hopping it down the sidewalk saying, "ribbit, ribbit, ribbit!"On our walk we saw these cute ducks!  This pair has actually been living in our neighborhood for at least two years now because I remember seeing them when Jordan was first born.  They are so cute.  They always hang out together and in this same grassy area between houses.  I love ducks.  Jordan and I were talking about how they waddle.  We also saw a squirrel, two dogs, and a lady exercising.  We stood next to the sidewalk and clapped as the lady who was power-walking walked by.  Jordan gave her a high five and I said, "Good job exercising!"  The lady was excited that we were cheering her on.  (Secretly, I hope it made her day a little better.  I remember when I used to run and my parents would come cheer me on, it's just that much more rewarding and worth it when others recognize that you are doing something good for you.  But I digress!)
Here are my toes after running around in the slushy, muddy grass.  They aren't actually that dirty...but dirty enough for me.  Jordan said, "Oh man, your toes are muddy!"
And here is where our walk was taking us.  This whole week the highlight of our walks has been to go see Jordan's truck.  This is his truck.  All the roofs are being redone in our subdivision so this big truck has been parked so far in two different spots in the neighborhood.  I was sad when I thought it was gone but then we found it around the corner.  Jordan loves this thing!  He calls it his truck.  
He loves it so much he had no problem letting me take a picture with his truck!  Of course, he had his eehee with him on the walk, too!

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Kathy Lou said...

Maddy picked up worms for the first time today! She had one in each hand and she put them down together and said, "Go be a happy family." I SOOO wish I had my camera on me!!