Friday, May 28, 2010

Carfty Craze!

Two weeks ago Jordan and Chad spent the Saturday at Great America and left me home to sew and craft my heart out.  It was awesome!  I had a ton of projects all lined up - and all for my friend Emily's baby shower.  I love making things for other people AND I love creating with a theme in mind.  Emily's baby nursery is a safari theme and the shower was a safari theme so I had to make everything in safari colors of course!  

I'm missing one picture because the flash just didn't work out right and you could barely see it.  The first thing I made was a towel with a neck strap so you can wear the towel while you give the baby a bath and then when you're done with the bath you just scoop the baby up in the towel you already have over your head.  I think it's a great idea!  I'm going to whip up a few for myself before our baby comes!

This is a picture of a little changing pad.  I pieced together fabric for this side and the other side is all brown with a piece of quilt batting in the middle.  I love this to throw down to change a baby where-ever that isn't on the actual changing pad.  I already made one for myself for our downstairs diaper caddy.  
I'm so proud of how this little cutie turned out.  It's from the book: Softies By Therese Laskey.  It was a little tricky to turn the arms and legs inside-out because they were so teeny tiny but it was worth the time spent.  
Close-up!  I just love this face!
These are hand-crocheted washcloths.  I worked on these for a couple of days before my wild crafty Saturday, but ti counts.  I have never actually tried these but I've heard they are great, and I thought they went so well with this gift.  I've gotta get more yarn to make some up for our munchkin.  I love to see them all wrapped up like this.  I just did a simple square of single crochet.  
These are two bibs made with a fun safari  print that I found in the fat quarter section.  From two fat quarters I was able to make two bibs (because I wanted the front to be different from the back).  I hope they fit...I used a pattern and I tried to get Jordan to try on one, but he wasn't having it.  
And this is probably my favorite of all my projects - or at least tied with the monkey doll - a safari banner.  I cut triangle pieces out of the different safari fabrics, cut and ironed-on letters, and then strung them on bias tape.  It's hard to see, but it reads, "Hakuna Matata", which is from Disney's The Lion King and means "no worries".  I loved it as decoration for the shower and I hope Emily finds a place for it in the baby's room.  (And even if she doesn't, I'll still love her and love that I made it - no pressure, Em!)
I hope you enjoy seeing my projects as much as I enjoyed creating them!!!  


Kathy Lou said...

I love the monkey!! So cute.
You did a nice job. Isn't it fun to make things yourself? I really enjoy it, I hope I have the energy to do some next year too.

Stephanie said...

Jen! You are so talented! I would love to learn to sew one day!

Laraf123 said...

Wow! You were busy! I just love the monkey's face too. What a great idea for a banner--it says it all! Fun Stuff!

Emily Jane said...

You are AMAZINGLY talented!! Please tell me you have an Etsy shop? If not you should start one up immediately because you're amazing! :)

Laura said...

Oh my gosh look at all of your amazing crafts! I'm so impressed. I agree with Emily Jane, you should start an etsy shop!

Kristi said...

Those are so cute!! You are so talented! I wish I could ssew and I would makemore things! Until then I will just paint furniture and call myself crafty haha!