Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted

Most Recently Read Book:

The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted: And Other Small Acts of Liberation

By Elizabeth Berg

I finished this book on the way to work this morning...I have to stop doing that because I usually cry at the end of books and then I ruin my makeup before I even get to work!  This book had such a nice sentimental ending.  It started out with a story about the author and then she told some stories about other people and then went back to her own stories.  It was kind of like short stories more than a novel.  The stories in the beginning were about dealing with weight and self-esteem and by the end it was more about finding oneself and living life to the fullest.  Especially because I'm celebrating my 29th birthday (!!!!!!) and I'm a mom, it seemed to really be relative to me.  I loved this book!

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