Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tripping Over The Lunch Lady And Other School Stories

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Tripping Over The Lunch Lady And Other School Stories

Edited by Nancy Mercado

Doesn't this sound like a cool book?  I like anthologies and I thought this one was going to be fun, but I was actually let down.  I would say these stories were basically average stories and nothing really sticks out to me.  I thought they were going to be great for upper elementary or middle school students but they weren't all that engaging.  I know it's not easy to write short stories and really develop a plot in such a short time, but these weren't really worth reading.  Now, I'm an adult, but I read a lot of books that are young adult.  There are amazing young adult books but this really isn't one of them.  They aren't absolutely horrible, but don't go out and get this book if you ask me.    


Lee Wardlaw said...

Actually, this anthology is not for young adults. The stories are geared toward kids in grades 2nd-5th - - who, incidentally, chose this book as an IRA/CBC Children's Choice in 2004. :) Thanks for the cyberpress, though!
-Ms. Lee Wardlaw
author (I wrote the story 'The Desk' in Tripping Over the Lunch Lady)

Mrs. Vincent said...

Wow! Very cool that an author commented on my post for this book! Sorry I didn't like it! Like I said, I am an adult so it's hard to judge if a kiddo would like a book, but even thinking about 2nd-5th graders, I just didn't think these stories were all that great. I'm kind of surprised that it was chosen as Children's Choice. I guess that shows you what I know!