Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Like Father Like Son

I didn't really post a Father's Day post, so here it is!  I took these pictures last week when Jordan and Chad were playing with Chad's new Wii tennis game.  Jordan loves to play Mario with his dad.  They have so much fun playing together, I can tell Chad loves Jordan's playfulness but also cherishes how sweet and cute he can be, too.  It's moments like these that are priceless to me: being at home, spending time together, relaxing.  I'm so proud to have Chad as my husband and happy that Jordan gets to have him as a dad.  Love you, Chad!!!

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Kathy Lou said...

Chad is such a great dad. The two of them are going to have a lot of fun together as Jordan grows up. You can already see Jordan's athletic ability developing. You just have to keep Chad from being one of those crazy sideline parents! {just kidding!}