Friday, June 19, 2009

Owly: A Time To Be Brave

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Owly: A Time To Be Brave

By Andy Runton

I found this great website, called The Picnic Basket, where you can request advanced reader copies of books or even finished books from a publisher in exchange for a review of the book.  Free books!?!  I'm in!

I just received my first book tonight!  It's awesome!  I have been promoting graphic novels with my students because they are so colorful and intriguing to them.  I think they like that there aren't too many words so they are technically reading but not really doing all the reading of words that is expected from a novel.  I have to say, honestly, that it's hard for me to read graphic novels though.  I think it's because I want to just skim through the pictures and it's just not possible to do.  This book helped me out though because it is a wordless graphic novel so you really do have to rely on the pictures to be able to tell yourself a story.  This story is really cute and it helped me slow down and really think about the pictures since there were no words I could skim.  

The book I received was Owly: A Time To Be Brave by Andy Runton.  It's a story about Owly and his little forest friends who meet a possum that they are kind of scared of at first.  The pictures are great.  This book is recommended for all ages.  I think it would be great with little kids and maybe through middle school, I'm not sure it would go over that well with high schoolers, but it would depend on their reading level I guess.  

I do think it's important to teach students how to read graphic novels and to use graphic novels to be able to teach elements of reading in a very motivating way.  I'm excited to try this book out with some of my students next year.  I am definitely recommending this book to get discussions going and to foster student writing even as they come up with the dialogue for the book.  Super cute!

You can see my review if you go here.

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