Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun at Key Lime Cove!

Me and Jacquie
Aunt Jacquie and Jordan

Jordan and Mommy
Jordan sitting in the water.  He loves the wading pools.  He was getting a little too comfortable and adventurous but at least he isn't scared of the water!
Daddy and Jordan in a double tube in the wave pool.  They were on their way to the lazy river!
Here's a great shot that I got of Alex!  He's smiling!  It's so hard to get either Jordan or Alex to sit for two seconds and smile to take a picture!
Daddy and Jordan.  You can kind of see what it's like but not really.  There is a giant pineapple that tips over lots of water every once in a while.  Jordan loved it and we would wait and listen for the bell to signal it was going to tip over.  Very fun!
Here's Jordan going down one of the kiddy slides.  He was a pro!  He loved going down on his tummy!
This clip is so cute.  Jordan loved that he was big enough to climb in and out on the side of the pool.  Our pool here in Mundelein is zero depth for the most part so he doesn't really climb in and out all that much.  He loved it.  

We had a few complaints but overall we had a pretty good time.  Now we're looking forward to taking advantage of our park district water park!


Marc Garneau said...


That looks like SO much fun at Key Lime Cove! I just turned to Kathy and said, "How is it that no one has commented on this post yet?!"

That looks like amazing fun. Everyone was having a blast.

Laura said...

I'm so jealous! I always wanted to go there when we lived in IL! You're lookin hot in your swimsuit girl!