Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This morning I have been feeling like my life has turned into one big countdown.  I was counting down the days for school to end.  Now, I'm counting down the days for camp to end.  When does IT end, this crazy continuous countdown of life?  I feel like it goes on and on.  There is always something to look forward to...either something ending or something starting.  I guess that's a good thing about life, that we do have things to look forward to and hope for when things aren't going our way, but I'm getting to the point where I just want to be in the moment and be able to feel happy with where I am.  

I'm not sure if everyone else goes through this, it might just be me and my crazy on-the-go personality but I'm tired of it.  On the almost-last-day of school I was talking with my students about what super power they would like to have and many of them said they would like to be able to change into other shapes or forms or to be able to read minds.  My super power, which I would love to have, and have thought about for quite some time now: to be able to stop time.  Like this: 
There was a TV show called "Out of this World" when I was a kid.  The main character was a girl whose dad was an alien but whose mom was a human.  She lived here on Earth but was able to put the tips of her pointer fingers together and stop time.  It was awesome!!!!  She could stop time, and then touch her friend and they could go off and do stuff, and then she could come back and start time up again.  Can someone please figure that out for me!  I wish I had time to just relax and hang out with my family and go places and read and run and figure out Photoshop!

I just had to get this off my chest.  I have three more days of camp which I am going to try and enjoy and try to focus on the good parts...and then after that, no more countdowns for the whole summer.  Then I'm going to relax and hang out and do whatever I want and to live in exactly the moment I am in.  I'm going to cherish every minute I get to hang out with my family and friends and enjoy everything I do.  I hope you are able to, too!

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Marc Garneau said...

Hey Jen,

I know EXACTLY how you feel about constantly counting down until the next event. And the thing I hate the most about doing that is that it makes time disappear. It doesn't stop it, like your super power would, it just makes it disappear, so you suddenly realize another year has slipped by and you can't help but ask "where did it go?".

I spent my whole school year miserable at work just wanting to get back home to Kathy and Maddy. Then I would bring my misery home with me because when I'd finally get home all I'd think about was how I'd have to go back tomorrow. Well, the year is over now, and it went by so fast.

I want to enjoy the present, too. I want to live in the moment and enjoy the moment. I'm going to have to figure out how to do that while at a job that makes me unhappy.