Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teacher Gifts

Stephanie just posted about end-of-the-year teacher gifts and I just had to post my own teacher gifts post.  As an itinerant teacher, I am usually forgotten when it comes to teacher education week or end-of-the-year gifts or any other day that warrants gifts for that matter.  It's sad sometimes because I really enjoy all of my students and wish they would appreciate me but I understand at the same time that I'm not a classroom teacher.  I did have one student my third year of teaching whose mother used to knit.  That year, I truly felt loved.  I got a knitted, stuffed heart for Valentine's Day, and when we held the annual review I got this beautiful creation:

What is it you ask? Well...we have speculated many things.  I'll describe it a little bit more for you and maybe you can tell me.  You can see the big yellow chicken in the middle, it is sitting on a white skirt that holds little mini-chicks all around its edges.  It sits flat on a table...but it kind of bunches as if it's not supposed to sit completely flat.  I think maybe it's supposed to be a topper to something, although I'm not entirely sure what.  Someone suggested maybe it's supposed to cover an air freshener pod.  When we first got married, I would sneak it onto the banister of our stairs to annoy Chad, although I don't think that's where it belongs either.  

I joke about it but obviously I still have it all these years later and I knew exactly where it was to go and retrieve it and it does mean a lot to me.  As silly as it is, when I look at it I remember that the family realized I was helping the student and it really did make me feel appreciated and acknowledged.  I do think as teachers it doesn't matter what is given, but anything that shows you cared enough to do something makes a difference to us.  Knitted chicken families are tops in my book!


Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the chicken family! I also love that you used to put it on the banister to annoy Chad. That totally sounds like something I would do. That is definitely a teacher gift that is giggled about later, but also make you feel appreciated!

Laura said...

I just had to smile as I read this post. It's interesting how the most bizarre gifts are the ones you love the most. I love it when people take time to make gifts, it shows so much consideration and thoughtfulness.

How many days left of school? I'm getting down to four weeks and I can't wait! Get me done.