Monday, June 15, 2009

My 29th Birthday!

Gosh, it already seems like so long ago that it was my birthday!  I love summer!  Last Wednesday was my last day of school and also my birthday.  I went to work in the morning, had lunch with my mentee at Cheesecake Factory and then went home to hang out for a little bit before we went out to dinner at Portillo's with my family.  

It was so nice to celebrate being done with school and also my birthday and to hang out with my family.  We had a nice time.  Jordan helped me blow out my candles!
...and then proceeded to basically drool over the cake!
He also helped me open my presents.  I got lots of cool Old Navy gear, an ice cream ball, a picnic set, and an angel charm for my Pandora bracelet from my grandma.  

Not everyone is in this picture, but from left to right it's: my mom, me, Rob, Raul, my dad, Guise, Jane, Mamita, Silvia (Jordan's hand with the purple toy) and Jacquie.  
I can't believe I am already 29 years old.  Sometimes I feel old, but then at other times I don't feel old.  I'm definitely in denial that I will be 30 next year, I'm just pretending 30 is not what comes after 29.  How is it fair that Chad is still 27??? 

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Marc Garneau said...

Hey Jen,

I remember turning 30. I turned 30 a year after my brother's girlfriend turned 30. I gave her a sympathy card on her 30th birthday. I don't remember what she got me.

Next year I turn 39. I'll only have one more year until I turn 40.

Kathy is ... oh. Yeah. Never mind. ;-)