Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chalk Drawings

Yesterday afternoon, even though it was gloomy, we played outside and did chalk drawings.  I drew this lovely Mickey Mouse picture...and then Jordan helped me color it in with purple.  I loved the bright colors that were a bright contrast to the gloomy mood of the day.

Jordan got all wet laying on the sidewalk and really getting into the coloring.  
We really went all out and had color all the way down our walk. 
Jordan had fun running and jumping on the drawings.  

Jordan wouldn't sit still for one second to look at the camera...he was just having fun coloring here and there and everywhere!


Laura said...

How fun! You are such a creative mom!

Kathy Lou said...

We went outside yesterday and played with chalk too! The driveway was a little wet and the chalk dissolved into a mushy mess. That made it even more fun because Maddy put her hands in it and smeared it all over the ground.

Chalk Drawings said...

I cant believe those drawings arent real they are awesome. Love your blog too.

Madhubani Painting said...


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