Sunday, March 1, 2009

Puppy Pants

I have had two really cute fabrics sitting in my sewing bag at home.  I wanted to try making pants for Jordan.  Last night, after Jordan went to bed, my mom and I used a pair of his pants to try and make a new pair of pants.  So far we only made one pair...they turned out really cute.  I'm not sure if they fit yet...that'll be important, we'll see!

First we used his pants as a guide to make a pattern.  
Then, we pinned them all together and my mom helped me sew it up.  I did all the sewing though!  I guess that means it's my fault if they don't fit.  Here's a close up of the pattern.  I thought this puppy was sooo cute.  my plan is to use a little piece of the fabric to do an iron on to a t-shirt maybe.  
Here's the finished product.  We put no-roll elastic in the waistband, we'll see if that works!


Kathy Lou said...

I love the fabric, so cute! I can't make pants, I have tried, they turn out so awful. I gave up on trying to sew any clothes for myself a long time ago. I may still try to make some things for Maddy, beyond the easy skirt. I want to make her some summer jumpers. We'll see.

The Millers said...

Cute pants!!! You're so handy! I wish I could sew.