Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stuffed Green Peppers

Thursday night I made stuffed green peppers for dinner.  I got the recipe from my friend, April, but I forgot I didn't have tomatoes so it didn't turn out as good as hers.  It was still yummy, though.  It's one of my favorite dishes.  Here's Jordan getting ready to eat!

Chad was getting his tray ready and Jordan was playing with this funky thing you look through that makes what you see into a ton of tiny versions so you see what a fly sees.  I've had at forever.  We bought it at this great toy store that used to be in downtown Lake Forest when I was growing up.  
And, here are our stuffed green peppers.  I kind of forgot to take the picture before I dug in just because I love these things...but you can still kind of guess what it looked like.  

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