Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Open Letters

Dear March,

I am so glad you have finally arrived!  I have been dreaming about you because when you come to visit you bring me such joy.  I love being able to think about the possibility of warm weather, even though sometimes you bring snow, I know there is a chance of warm weather when you come.  You also bring with you Spring Break.  Oh, how I love Spring Break.  You also bring spring rain with you (unless, you bring snow) and that means there will be lots of green.  I love you March!


Dear President Obama,

Thank you for the inspiration and hope you have provided for our country.  I know there are people out there who don't believe in your or support you but I do.  I think you are very brave for taking on the position of the presidency but I completely believe you are a great man for the job.  I hope, for you and for our country, that the ideas you have and the changes you make do make a difference.  I will proudly wear the awesome t-shirt with your face on it that my husband brought me back on his most recent trip to Washington, DC.  

Jennifer M. Vincent

Dear RAC DER 1,

Oh, my sweet RAC DER 1.  I apologize for any agony I have caused you when people don't understand your name.  If only more people could think backwards in this world!  You have been my partner in hearing itinerant teaching for the last seven years and I couldn't imagine my life without you.  You keep me warm, you play books on my iPod for me, you get me where I need to go, basically, you rock...and roll!  Thank you for keeping me on the move!  You really are one red car!

Your Driver, 

Dear Westfield Shoppingtown Vernon Hills Mall,

You have no idea how cool you really are.  You really have no idea.  Every Monday we come hang out with you and it makes Mondays great.  We love hanging out with our friends in the play area.  We love eating dinner in the food court.  We looooove dancing under signs and in stores.  We most of all love reading books in Barnes and Noble.  We thought you would be pleased to know that we have officially declared Mondays to be....(drumroll)...Mall Days.  

The Mallrats

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Kathy Lou said...

Those are great letters! I am so totally with you on March. It used to be one of my least loved months, it was so drab and dreary and seemed to take forever, but now I love it because it means the beginning of the end of winter!