Saturday, March 21, 2009

Picture Perfect Placemats

Here are pictures of my latest sewing project.  I had to get my sewing machine back from my mom because I left it there when we were working on Jordan's pants a few weekends ago.  I had a lot of fun working on these fun placemats for Jordan's friend, Maddy.  They were fairly easy to make, just lots of little steps.  It was a nice project I could get done in one sitting. it is:

First I had to cut all the pieces for the placemats and the little pockets for the silverware.  I also had enough extra for little napkins.  

Then it was off to the ironing board.  Ironing is so important in sewing.  I've come to realize that lately.  I ironed all my pieces.  I even did a cool iron-on transfer thing to make the flowers for the pockets.  It was cool!  I ironed the folded over pieces for the pockets and the napkins which mad sewing them super easy.  After I got the placemats put together I went back to sew them once they were turned inside out.  

Ta da!!  (You have to imagine the little pink napkins that I tucked in the pockets with the silverware.)  
I made four placamats.  I put ribbon on one side so they can be rolled up and then tied up.  They are picnic ready!  I had so much fun making these and I think they turned out great!


Kathy Lou said...

So sweet, and they are 10 times cuter in real life. I love the flowers on the pockets. Did you notice the silverware was scattered everywhere? The kids all loved them and carried them around the house. I am so ready for picnics!!

Stephanie said...

Very cute! You should set up an etsy shop with all of your creative projects!