Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Heartbeat

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My Heartbeat

By Garrett Freyman-Weyr

It's a weird coincidence that I have read a couple of books lately that have to do with gay relationships.  This book  is about a girl whose brother is dating a guy...except he won't admit that he's gay.  I guess it's not so much that he won't admit it as much as he denies it.  It was kind of confusing but then it comes out that his dad kind of tells him how he feels about his son being gay without directly telling him and he picks up on that and just can't come to terms with accepting the fact that he is gay.  It was an interesting book about the unsaid social rules that gay people have to contend with in their lives.  There was one weird part about her dating the guy her brother breaks up with and it just didn't make that much sense to me...but I thought the message about trying to see what gay people deal with in terms of what other people think was interesting.  

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