Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break Day Three

Chad was home yesterday for day three!  We went to the Kohl's Children's Museum.  It was pretty crowded, but not too bad.  Jordan had a lot of fun.  We played in the grocery store for a little bit, and made sandwiches at the pretend Potbelly's.  

Jordan spent a lot of time in the water area.  You can kind of see a few drops of water floating in the air in this picture:
He was fishing for boats in the water!
He loved grabbing the boats out of the water.
It was fun to push the buttons and see what happened when he did.  I could tell it was totally about thinking about how things work for him. 

This is my favorite part!  I love seeing the little chicks!  They were really fluffy and so cute!

We ate pretzels at the cafe in the museum and then rode a little train they had outside before we headed home.  Jordan fell asleep in the car but kept sleeping after we got home so Chad and I could relax a little.  When he woke up he played outside with Chad and we grilled pork for dinner.  It was a fun day!


Aunt Jacquie said...

Aww What fun! :D I'm jealous. I can't believe that they have an imaginary Pot Belly's.

Kathy Lou said...

We were there yesterday too! We must have been after you because the train was already closed down and put away. Maddy loved the baby chicks. She sat with a clipboard and made tick marks next to Peep, Jump, Sleep as if she were a scientist. She went through 5 sheets of tick marks. We had a nice time, it was crowded, but do-able.

mom said...

Oh Jen! I am so glad you have this blog it is so much fun to see all the thinks you guys do with Jordan. I love it and what a life Jordie is having, you are great parents, always having so much fun. Can I go with you to the Kohls museum next time you go? Is this one better than the one in Wilmette?

Stephanie said...

You do such neat things with Jordan! Where do you find all of these places? I think you should put together a list of things to do with little kids and share it with other parents. Between the museums and story times.....I want to be as energetic and creative as you when I have kids! But seriously....if you put together a list, I would love to share it with my families!