Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Train Weekend Part Two!

On Sunday, we took the train all the way from Prairie Crossing to downtown Chicago. It was a pretty long ride, especially with all the stops, but Jordan liked it. We brought the laptop so he could watch a movie on the way. We walked towards the lake and played at a park with a fountain. Afterwards we met our friends for lunch and then ice cream!

Isn't this a cool fountain? Jordan liked putting his hand in the water!
Trying to get sprayed!
It was fun to watch the water!
The hubby looking cute, as usual!
Mom and Jordan!
Jordan and I climbed a huge hill to get a close look at this statue. The best part was running really fast down the hill! Jordan was cracking up!


Anonymous said...

This was a great idea and good work-out and lots of fun, I like the pictures it looks like the weather was perfect also. Can I go with you next time? I love the train and Chicago, maybe Sue and Gary would like to come too and we could do the water taxi, it will be fun.

mom said...

OOPS! Above anonymous is from mom :)