Thursday, July 30, 2009

Papa's Back Porch!

Last week we went over to Papa's house to visit Papa and to hang out for a little bit. We all were out on their back porch. Jordan loves it there. He was looking for frogs and listening to them croak. He was having fun being goofy and playing at Papa's house.

Jordan even has his own little chair to sit on in the backporch!
Jordan was trying to touch Grandma's hair because Grandma just doesn't like people to touch her hair. It was funny to see him try and her try and stop him!
Talking to Grandma!
Jordan and Grandma!
Mom and Jordan!


Kathy Lou said...

He looks so big in the pictures! He looks like he has grown well over an inch this summer.

gamma said...

It is so much fun when Jordan comes and wants to see the frogs, he has so much fun. This was a fun afternoon, I loved every minute of it.