Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fourth of July 2009 Part 2

On the real Fourth of July, we went to the parade with our friends the Garneau's and the Benassi's. Here's Jordan with his cool, decorated bike!
Here are the kidlets lined up waiting for treats from the parade! Jordan is on the left in the baseball cap, Alex is in the middle with the plaid hat, and Madd is in the polka-dot dress!
After the parade, we went to the park where they had lots of cool things going on. Jordan was most excited to sit in the police car and the ambulance. He probably could have stayed all afternoon! He was pushing the siren button like crazy!
Dad and Jordan in front of the police car!
Me and Jordan in front of the back of the ambulance!
Jordan listening to the man talk about the ambulance.
It started to drizzle and Jordan was pretty tired so we headed home to take a nap!

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