Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fourth of July 2009 Part 3

On Sunday, we went to the festival/carnival again! This time we went with Chad's parents and my parents, and then met the Benassi's and Castillo's there later! Jordan was excited again about the ambulances! Here he is with Grandma Sue! He could only look at at them, he couldn't go inside, but he liked it anyway.
We ate lunch at the Munch. Bubba should have just gotten an ice cream for Jordan because Jordan ended up eating all of his!
Bubba, Jordan, and Grandma Sue
Jordan got to go on more rides! Here he is in a snazzy, purple, sports car!
The train again!
I went on these spinning elephants with him, this picture just shows us inside. His face was so funny when we started spinning like crazy. It was really cute. He shouted, "Woah!"

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Laura said...

Man your fourth of July was jam packed. Do you have to come home and take a nap after all of that? Jordan is so lucky to do all those fun things with you guys!