Monday, July 27, 2009

Frienday and Birthday!

Where has the time gone? What have we been doing? Lots, but I haven't been blogging! I'm a slacker lately. Here's where we left off: Friday, July 10th. We had a busy day planned but it rained on us so all our plans changed. We needed to get out of the house though so we went to visit the Garneau's. Jordan love getting to play at Maddy's house. Here they are having a snack! I love how Jordan is making a crazy face and Maddy just looks so mature compared to him!
Here they are making an awesome mountain with Kathy. Doesn't it look like they are discussing something important?
A little bit closer. How cool is this thing????
After Frienday, we headed over to Silo for yuuuuumy pizza and to celebrate Jane's birthday.
Jordan liked the cake, but soooo loved the frosting even more! Can you tell?
Opening presents.
Alex and Jordan playing.
Jane and me. Happy Birthday, Jane!

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