Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maddy May Came to Play!

One day our friend Maddy came to play with us so her mommy and daddy could go on a date! We went to the mall and ate lunch and played at Barnes and Noble then we stopped to play at the park. Afterwards, we went back to our house and watched a movie and played with our toys!

Maddy is a kung fu master!

Jordan throwing grass on Chad! Surpise, Baby!
Maddy and Jordan loved playing tag!
I'm up to bat!
We even did some finger painting!
Chad and Jen


Kathy Lou said...

That was such a fun day, for us, for Maddy, and hopefully for you, too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Jen, for watching Maddy for us. It's your turn now!! When do you and Chad want to have a little date time. Kathy and I are ready to give you your turn. :)