Thursday, July 30, 2009

Potty Party!!!!

I never posted pictures from Jordan's potty party! One day I just decided to try getting Jordan to go on the potty and it was going really well so the next day we had his potty party! He woke up in the morning to presents! He got a Diego toy, a potty book, and new undies! He wanted Cars and Diego underwear, and that's what he got!

All day we drank lots of juice, watched potty movies, read potty books, and went to the potty! That night we met the Garneau's at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Jordan being able to use the potty! Jordan loved running around and playing all the games with Maddy!


Kathy Lou said...

How is the potty business this week? Feeling successful?

gamma said...

Sorry we miss this important party. Great success! Soon Jordie will be taking the bus and we'll all be crying, where did our baby go? but it is so much fun to see them grow. I am a very proud grandma.

Stephanie said...

How is the potty situation going? You said there was a party...but did it work??? Did you follow the plan from the book you read?