Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dragon's Eye

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The Dragon's Eye - The Dragonology Chronicles

By Dugald A. Steer

It seems like I started this book forever ago and then got stalled! I really liked this book, I just seemed to have gotten sidetracked. Today, I got back to it though and I finished it. I think young readers would really enjoy this book. Steer actually edited the book Dragonology which is more of a "nonfiction" collection of information all about dragons. From there, he wrote this series, which starts with The Dragon's Eye. I love the idea of students reading something nonfiction...or at least something that represents the style of nonfiction writing and then bridging that reading with reading fiction.

The story is about a brother and sister whose parents are off somewhere and send them to live with a friend, Dr. Drake, for the summer. Once there, they find out they are going to be attending Dr. Drake's summer school to learn about dragons. They end up thrown into an adventure to find the dragon's eye before it gets into the wrong hands.

I like the adventure in this book. When they get to ride a dragon for the first time it had me right there with them. It reminded me a little bit of Eragon, I think if a student read this book he or she would enjoy Eragon when he or she was a little older. I read online that some people suggested that Dragon's Eye reminded them of Series of Unfortunate Events. I have also read that series and I kind of see the similarities, but I have to say there are great differences as well. Yes, the children are on their own and put into the care of strangers, but these characters are put into the care of someone who genuinely cares for them and is intelligent and invested enough to responsibly take care of them. There is a bad buy who is out to get them, but this villain, also, is more intelligent (in some regards at least, ultimately, he does make mistakes that lead to his demise). This book is not as dark and depressing as Series of Unfortunate Events. I have to add, this book is a much easier read compared to Series of Unfortunate Events just thinking about language and implied meaning but I think still as engaging.

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