Monday, April 26, 2010

Beezus and Ramona

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Beezus and Ramona

By Beverly Cleary

Who doesn't love Ramona? I'm sure I read this book and every other Ramona book when I was a kid but I had to reread this one because the movie is coming out this summer. My 5th grader has read a couple of the books in the Ramona series and she's got this one next on her list of books to read. I love that she has really gotten into reading this year. It's amazing to me! Maybe I should ask my sister to go see this movie with me when it comes out!!


The1stdaughter said...

I absolutely cannot wait for this movie! Cleary is one of my favorite authors from my childhood and I wouldn't miss the movie for anything!

Aunt Jacquie said...

Totally! I remember these books! I think they even had a tv series that came from the ramona books that was on Saturday mornings :)

Laraf123 said...

I didn't know about the movie! I love Ramona and everything else Beverly Cleary wrote!