Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Update!!!

I just uploaded pictures onto my laptop and realized I have lots of random pictures to post!

Here's Jordan dying eggs last week!
He was completely rapt!
Mom and Jordan - with our painted t-shirts!!!
This week, one of my schools invited me to a shower they held for all the girls who are pregnant there! There are 5 of us all together. It was so sweet of them to include me. Here are the diaper cakes I got to take home. I was sniffing the diapers...the Pampers ones smell soooooo good. I can't wait for this new little baby to come!
Aren't they pretty? I loved the colors and I loved the ribbon...and oh, the smell of Pampers Swaddlers!
This weekend we drove out to Rockford. We took Jordan to the Discovery Center, which is a children's museum. We spent a lot of time outside at this awesome, humungous playground!
Chad and Jordan explored the whole playground!
Jordan got to go to dinner with Grandma Sue and Bubba last night while Chad and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert. This is the second time we've seen her this year. I was excited to go to the concert, but once we were there it wasn't all the great to me. Don't get me wrong, she's awesome, but it didn't have me up and dancing and singing along and having a great time. A lot of her songs were actually slow and we sat for a lot of it. She did put on a cool show though. This was when she hopped onto a truck that floated around the stadium so she was actually pretty close to us. It kind of had me feeling like she was on the parade at The Rio in Las Vegas where they're up in the air dancing and throwing it didn't work for me all that much. Now, Craig Morgan opened for her and he was awesome. I thought he was fun and I only know a few of his songs. He had tons of energy. The bay loved him and was kicking up the craziest storm the whole time he was on stage singing!
This morning we ate a great breakfast here at the hotel and then Jordan and Chad played in the mini water park they have here. Jordan loved swimming around. It has been a great weekend for us, it's like a vacation. It just feels so relaxing to be away from home and to not have a schedule, even if it's only one night.
That's my week in review update!!!!


Stephanie said...

What a fun busy weekend! And those diaper cakes are adorable! How many did they make??

Emily Jane said...

What an awesome weekend. Thanks for sharing a pic of that awesome cake!!! I love pics of you guys - you are looking positively radiant these days :)

Kathy Lou said...

I love the diaper cakes! I agree, the smell of Pampers is wonderful. I almost miss Maddy in diapers, and I love diaper butts.

Laraf123 said...

What a fun week! Glad you took all those pictures for a fun update!

Mom said...

I love the diaper cakes, they did a great job decorating them. I bought some new baby diapers last week. I am ready! I am so excited. I can't wait to see Jordie again on Thursday, he makes me happy :)

Laura said...

DIaper cakes are so cool. I LOVE the smell of pampers too bad I like huggies better.