Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Pigman

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The Pigman

By Paul Zindel

I just finished rereading this book today. I remember reading it in junior high but had to refresh my memory. I really like the characters John and Lorraine in this book. I read a few pages out loud today with one of my students and we were laughing at John figuring out how to make a phone call after putting glue into the lock that his dad used to lock up the (ancient) phone. We were cracking up. It's actually a pretty deep story and I think I have more insight into it reading it now as an adult than I did back then, but I remember relating to it back when I read it the first time. This time around John actually reminded me a little bit of Holden Caufield believe it or not. I'm anxious to hear what my student will think of it when he finishes it, I personally might not recommend it to a student in junior high, and actually I don't really have any students now who would like it...but that's just me going off of what I know my students are reading now. Thoughts?

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Kristi said...

Girl you amaze me how many books you read!! I read the first two twilight books last summer and am thinking of finishing them this summer. I think I have Adult ADD seriously!! Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words about the difficulty of getting pregnant! It means a lot!!