Friday, April 30, 2010

Love The One You're With

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Love The One You're With

By Emily Giffin

I have to point out that the author's last name is Giffin, not Griffin. At first, I couldn't even find it in the catalog because I was spelling her name wrong. Then, when I realized it was Giffin and I went to look for it on the shelves I couldn't find it...until I got wise and though, "Hmm...maybe it's misshelved..." and there it was alphabetically where Griffin would fit. I'm a dork, but I thought that was amusing.

Anyway, this book is about a woman who is recently married when she runs into her ex-boyfriend who she never really got over. Seeing him again makes her think she really wants to be with him and makes her questions her marriage. It made me think about true love. Here's my deep question of the day: What is true love? Does it really exist? How do you know that what you consider to be true love is really true love? I guess it kind of depends on your whole viewpoint on true love in the first place. And then, does everyone have a soul mate? Is a soul mate also your true love? I can't even begin to answer these questions. If I try, I end up with even more questions and then I get all confused and my head just hurts.

Anyway, again...this book is about what one woman does when the love and lust that was her ex-boyfriend challenge her life and her young marriage. I would have liked to see more development of the marriage because I felt like she wasn't entirely happy and in love with being married...but I can see how it was part of the whole plot. I was really hoping this author might be my next Sophie Kinsella, but the characters really weren't comparable. I'll keep looking!

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Laraf123 said...

I don't have a true love comment because well (sigh...) BUT I can relate to the library experience. Whenever I'm at the shelves I notice books out of place. Usually by a few numbers or letters but sometimes FAR from where they should be shelved. I am always reshelving the items, even when my two children are with me and just want to go play at the train table!