Sunday, April 11, 2010

Journey of the Sparrow

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Journey of the Sparrows

By Fran Leeper Buss with Daisy Cubias

One of my students is reading this with her class so I decided to read it to so I can talk to her about it. It's about a girl and her siblings who cross the border to live in Chicago. They are escaping turmoil in El Salvador. I've read a couple of books this school year about crossing the border. This wouldn't be my favorite, although I do like that it's told from a girl's perspective and I think it appeals a little more to girls than the others I have read.

My one complaint about this book is how much time the author spends building the story of their travels and their lives in Chicago...but then the end of the book all of a sudden speeds up like she realized she just wanted to end the story and get it over with. It loses it's charm and strength of message for me at the end.

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