Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting

I don't recall going to an Easter Egg hunt as a kid...although my mom will probably call and yell at me, because she did take me...I just can't remember. This was Jordan's first time going to an Easter Egg Hunt. It was fun! I thought it was going to be pretty crazy, but it wasn't so bad because the kids were all divided by age group. Jordan is still 2 so we let him go with the 1 and 2 year olds and he did pretty good!

Jordan and the "Spring" bunny!
He's got his bucket all ready to fill with eggs! You can see people behind him, this was still early because it got waaaay busier before all the madness actually started.
Look at him go! He is so into competitions lately, everything has to be a race and he wants to know that he winned.
Mama and her little Peanut.
Jordan and Chad!


Mom said...

Yes we did, I don't think we went every year but we went to the Recreation Dept few times, I don't think the Easter Bunny was as popular back then. Didn't you go with Maura and Marti one year? It looks like Jordie had a lot of fun, very cute pictures.

rbandj said...

We never went anywhere for an Easter egg hunt. We have an enormous family, and the Dad's would always get out in the yard at Grandma's house and hide the eggs. We'd find them all, and they go out and hide them again, haha!

Jordan is such a handsome little man. He doesn't look 2, at all!

Emily Jane said...

What a little cutie!! I love the pics, looks like so much fun :)

Laraf123 said...

Henry went on a hunt on Friday. He loved opening the found eggs and getting a treat. (On Sunday he asked why the eggs on our table only had "eggs inside" LOL!

Glad you guys got to share this fun event together!

Stephanie said...

it is so fun that Jordan got so into it! I've enjoyed seeing so many adorable blog posts about Easter Egg Hunts all over the Net this week. We want to have Easter Egg Hunts behind the barn when we have kids!