Saturday, May 2, 2009

Basketball and Pizza!

Well, unfortunately, I'm writing this AFTER the Bulls game...that we lost if you don't know already.  If you weren't watching, then you probably don't care that I just ruined it for you if you didn't know.  Anyway, we went on a nice long family walk after Jordan woke up from his nap and then came home to make pizza together.    
We bought the pizza dough, it was kind of like a Boboli...but not.  First, we brushed some garlic olive oil on the dough.  
We spread the tomato sauce and the cheese!
And then we added our toppings.  Half of the pizza was pepperoni, green peppers, and onion.  One quarter was pepperoni and jalapeno pepers.  The last quarter was ham and pineapple.  


It was a great night until the Bulls played...and lost!!!!!!!!


Laura said...

We were so bummed to see the Bulls lose! Their series was so awesome and so intense. Your pizza looks delicious.

Kathy Lou said...

I love to make pizza at home. Yummy. It's not quite as super yummy as delivered pizza, but it's also not as bad. I like the crust in a can near found near the biscuits and cinnamon rolls in a can. It's not too bad!
Sorry about the Bulls. Bummer.