Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday Party # 3 (???)

Today we had a friend party for Jordan's 2nd birthday.  I guess you could say this is his 3rd birthday party if you count our little mini-family party on his actual birthday, and then his party at Patty's house yesterday.  This weekend is full of birthday celebrations!  Our friends the Miller's and the Lanzara's came to play for the day.  We had cheesecake today since it was all adults and Jordan!  
Yesterday at Patty's house Jordan got one candle blown out and then couldn't get the other one out!  Today he did great!

I wasn't sure if Jordan was going to like the cheesecake...and he didn't!  He basically gagged on it and spit it out.  He did give it another try but then was sure he definitely didn't like it.  He did, however, LOVE the whip cream and had quite a few servings of that!

After cake, Jordan opened his presents!  He was so excited to open them!
He was so cute sitting contentedly playing with his new Magna Doodle.  What a great day!  

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