Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jason McKie Celebowl 2

On Tuesday night, Aunt Jacquie came over to babysit so Chad and I could go to the Jason McKie Celebowl which is a charity event that lots of Bears players come to.  We went last year and got tons of autographs so we were excited to go again this year.  Since this was their second year they had it a little bit more organized...or maybe, controlled is the word I want, and it was harder to get autographs.  
Chad mainly wanted to get Jay Cutler's autograph.  He is the new quarterback for the Bears.  It was really hard, there was a bodyguard standing at his lane to keep people from going up to him and he basically stood up on the boards the whole time and didn't sign any autographs.  Bummer, dude!
I took my picture with Lance Briggs....I had to apologize for the picture of his hand.  Who knew it was going to be really was lame news.  He forgave me.  I felt so bad!
Me with Urlacher!!!!  We were so excited to see that he came out to the event!
Me with Devin Hester!  Woo hoo!!

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Kathy Lou said...

You apologized for the picture? You are so brave to admit it was you! He could have been mad at you! I am so glad you were able to go again, what fun.