Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Book of Dahlia

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The Book of Dahlia

By Elisa Albert

This is our book club book for the month...that I finished two weeks early!  Woo hoo!  It was a pretty easy read because the voice of the main character, who narrates the book, is very much like a real person talking.  The girl is young, in her 20's and basically tells it is about her life, in the present, and in the past, in terms of how she is dealing with finding out that she has a brain tumor.  The jacket says it's a book that has you laughing even though it's about cancer the whole time.  I have to say I really did like this book, I can't say it's a favorite or that you have to have to have to go out and read it, but I did like it.  It ended unexpectedly for me, but I think that made the message of the book stronger.  I'm excited to talk about it at book club!

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Anonymous said...

This book left me depressed.. I thought it was very thought provoking though. I just can't get a few questions out of my mind. What was her brother's problem? Why didn't the author explain why he changed so dramtically? Was her mother there when she passed? What happen when she passed?